CPLS, P.A. was founded in 1996.  It is based in Orlando, Florida.  The firm handles Florida appeals.  This includes appeals to the District Court of Appeals, Supreme Court of Florida and Supreme Court of the United States.  CPLS represents individuals and corporations alike.  The firm also handles both civil and criminal appeals.

We know that the appeals process can be daunting. That’s it is important to have attorneys who concentrate on appeals. If your appeal is with the District Court of Appeals, Supreme Court of Florida or Supreme Court of the United States, you can count on us to seek the best possible outcome for you.  The unique insight and talents of CPLS’ appellate attorneys has been, and will continue to be, a valuable resource in Florida.

 Choosing the right attorney for your appeal is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Whether your case is a civil or criminal matter, the right appellate attorney is essential. Not all attorneys and law firms practice in the area of appeals on a regular basis; some attorneys have “handled” appeals, other firms have an appellate practice “area” as a component of their firm. The choice between a lawyer who can handle your appeal, and an appellate lawyer is critical.  At CPLS we have an appellate department.  

 Successful handling of a Florida appeals require a deep understanding of the law, an ability to recognize legal errors, and knowledge of appellate procedure, not only in the District Court of Appeals, but with the  Supreme Court of Florida and Supreme Court of the United States.  Success requires the ability to navigate these systems; the ability to write clear, cogent and compelling briefs, and the ability to articulate and defend them orally.

Appellate argument requires a fusion of the rhetorical and persuasive arts; the appellate lawyer must have a depth of knowledge, and he or she must be able to articulate it. He must be ready to answer any factual, legal or hypothetical question from a panel of appellate judges and – above all – he must be a zealous advocate.

Intimate knowledge of the law, and of the procedural maze in the appellate arena – exceptional appellate writing and oratorical skills – exclusive dedication to the practice of appellate law – these are the attributes to consider when choosing an appellate lawyer, and these are the attributes that set CPLS apart.

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